Meeting & Activities

Download Club summary document including Safety Plan, Trip rules and essential equipment list (Click here for large pdf)

Club Meeting Night - 3rd Tuesday of every month at the Oamaru Club, 32 Severn Street  7.30 pm  All Welcome

Committee Meeting - 3rd Tuesday of every month at the Oamaru Club, 32 Severn Street 7.30 pm


Membership Fees

Full membership               Full year                               $60.00 (Discounted $10.00 if paid by 31st Aug)

                              Family membership                         $60.00 (Discounted $10.00 if paid by 31st Aug)

                              Associate membership: Full year fee                               $25.00

This is for people who do not have a four wheel drive but still wish to participate in the activities of the club.

Note: The subscription year ends on the 31st of March of each year.

Full year fee From

                             April-March                $60.00

                             July-March                  $40.00

                             October-March          $30.00


                            January-March           $20.00




The Club is an Incorporated Society.

The Club operates under a Constitution. A copy of this should be given to you when you have joined.         

The Club and its members have responsibilities to adhere to and these are covered under the Rules (as detailed) and the Constitution.  

This means that you do not have a voting right with that Club, but you are welcome to use their facilities and you will be issued with a Membership Card for the North Otago Club.

This is subject to being a valid Member of the North Otago Four Wheel Drive Club

  Essential Equipment

The gear which all members should have is as follows:

( Note that the equipment is required to ensure that the trips you go on are carried out in safety.)

The gear which is carried should help ensure that a change in trip track condition or other changes in conditions enable such conditions to be provided for.

This helps ensure that the trips are enjoyed and so that you are well prepared.


Use of alcohol on trips. Members who are driving must ensure that they are below the legal limit for alcohol use when they are driving on Club Trips on and off road.

(This is in the interests of safety and to ensure that there is no impairment of judgment.)

Gear required:


Remove tow ball (so that it is not used for vehicle recovery purposes),

Tow hooks front and rear,

Recovery strop,

D Shackle,


Good jack base,

Fire extinguisher,


Strong footwear,

Soap/towel/toilet paper,

3rd party insurance (minimum requirement,)

First Aid kit,

Current Warrant of Fitness and Registration,

Spark Arresters for Diesels Spark arresters may be required for all vehicles on some trips e.g. during dry conditions or in the forestry areas.

A Club membership sticker will be provided for attaching to the windscreen of your vehicle. This is only issued when the gear requirements have been met and the necessary inspection carried by a Club Committee member. This Club Committee Member will be one of the Club Sheriffs.

A trip leader has the right to refuse a vehicle going on a trip if the correct equipment is not carried and the trip requires such gear for safety etc.

NOTE: Most members purchase their equipment over a period of time e.g. some of the more expensive items. You should contact the trip leader if you are unsure about the gear you have.

Trip Rules


* Convoy Procedure - always keep the vehicle behind you in sight, always stop at intersections to ensure

    the vehicle behind you can see you.


* Do not leave the trip early without notifying the trip leader.


* Leave all gates as found.


* Always hold safety in mind - especially during recovery procedures, all spectators are to keep clear.       


* Never under any circumstances slip a tow rope over the tow ball.


* Do not joint two ropes with a shackle - loop one through the other in a secure knot, then slip a strong piece of wood between the two to ensure that they can be separated after recovery.


*Fire extinguishers are compulsory - minimum 1.5 Kg for Forest trips - your extinguisher must be operable - check the weight.


*You must have tow hooks front and back that are securely mounted to the chassis with high tensile bolts.


*All vehicles must carry a nylon rope or strop.


*All vehicles must carry a spade.


*All vehicles must carry a first aid kit.